Hello I’m Nash
I use design, illustration, typography, collage to tell stories that draw eyes, minds and hearts in. 

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Circle Community Land Trust
Annual Report + Tenant Newsletter

Circle was founded to protect and invest in some of the last affordable family-sized homes in Toronto. 

Their first ever annual report tells Circle’s origin story  -  how citizens, government, and the nonprofit sector came together to save over 600 affordable homes.

It showcases the commitment of the team, highlighting learnings and honest self-assessments of how Circle can improve for its tenants.

For me,  having to leave the city due to lack of affordable housing, this story hit close to home. It felt like a a fresh start, a hope of brighter days ahead. 

This vision of a new dawn, led to the colours and graphics that guide the reader through this inspiring story.    


Thandiswa Mazwai builds new worlds through her music.

Her website is inspired by her lyrics and my email conversations with her - touching on everything she holds dear, all colliding wildly.

The Community Foundation
for Kingston & Area 

Community Impact Report + Fundraising Communications

CFKA have been helping connect partners with agencies making a difference on the ground for more than 25 years. Now the time felt ripe to .re-energize their base.

Writer Laura Zarnke and I collaborated with the CFKA team to create a report that told stories of hope, of impact and of coming together to transform challenges into opportunties to thrive.

Vivid colours meet; and varied forms overlap to create new forms that re-iterate our theme: Together We Thrive. 

The goal was to pull audiences in, drawing attention to all the work they had done in the preceeding year, inspiring them to engage in their community.

Compassionate Inquiry

Compassionate Inquiry is a year-long online training for psychotherapists developed by Dr Gabor Maté and Sat Dharam Kaur. 

The content of the course is deep and powerful, it just required me to to get out of its way. 

Along with a simple wordmark, an unassuming gradient from blue to rose (taken from Gabor’s favourite scarf) overlays through, creating cohesion between all the varied course elements.  


Lotus Yoga Centre
Branding  + Website + Signage

Lotus Yoga Centre is Toronto’s home for Kundalini Yoga. 

I re-branded the space, designed their website, their signage and a host of fun articles of interest for community members. 

All the while, aiming to stay true to the essence of their practice.

Environment and Climate Change Canada

2022’s Great Lakes Public Forum holds special significance as it falls on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement between the U.S. and Canada.

I art-directed and designed this video in collaboration with Hypenotic for Environment and Climate Change Canada.

We tell the story of the Past, Present and Future by using the timeline as the chief design element. We follow it as it moves from date to date and curves from collage to collage. It connects the collective work done through the years as a source of inspiration and celebration for all.

This video was animated by Rahul Patil.

Hogtown Honey
Branding + Packaging

Hogtown Honey is made by bees on a rooftop in Toronto. It is fresh, raw, harvested by hand and flavoured with the nectar from neighbourhood flowers.

Sterling Road - the neighbourhood of this beehive, is prominent in this branding. Instead of multiple jar labels, the packaging comes with a detachable illustrated take of the neighbourhood, whacky, busy and local enough to result in heightened interest and deeper engagement.

MammAlive Foundation
Social Media Campaign

The MammAlive Foundation empowers women through preventative and holistic healthcare education and assists them through community support programs.

Through October (breast cancer awareness month), the foundation has been promoting a daily breast health tip based on current research.

I Illustrated these 31 tips, trying to infuse a bit of humour into each day to help the information be consumed and shared more easily.

These tips have been shared across the globe and translated into 16 languages.

Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre
Fundraising  Campaigns + Information Graphics + Newsletter

“The simple act of walking through our doors is what makes someone a PARC member.”

PARC is the first place that gave me a sense of belonging when I moved to Canada. I feel a deep connection with its members, together we would cry and laugh and make art.

I feel fortunate to design a few different communication pieces with them for fundraising, wayfinding and causes I feel passionate about. 

Some of these campaigns were in collaboration with strategist Nicole Fowler.

I’m happy our paths crossed.
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